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Ganit is the synonym of Mathematics. Gaint has been considered a very important subject from long back years. Ganit or Mathematics is a group of related science dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement. We find very elaborate Gaint history started on 6000 BC. The concept of division, addition, multiplication, substraction etc., was used even that time. Concepts of zero and infinite were also in those times. When Indian Beez Ganit reached Arab, they started calling it as Algebra. Algebra was name of the Arabic book that described Indian Gaint Mathematic concepts.

Ancient time is very important in the history of Ganit Mathematics. In those ancient time found various chapters of Ganit Mathematics like Algebra, Numerical Mathematics, Geometrical Mathematics and few more were correctly and strongly established. Gaint today owes a huge debt to the outstanding contributions made by Indian mathematicians over many hundreds of years.

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